Bad air: the brief version

Bad air: the brief version

Ozone is invisible; the haze you see is not ozone.
It must be something else.
What is the haze?
Particulate matter most likely.
What's that?
It's shit.
Shit from cars and power plants that turns into nastier shit in the sky and those teeny tiny gaseous micro-shits get into our lungs and bloodstreams and make us cough and make old people die and young people get worse asthma.

And ozone does all this, too.
But you can't see ozone, remember?

So you have to use those stupid smart phones to tell you what shit is in the air.

It's annoying, right?
Heck, I rarely check the air quality!
It's air!

Isn't that what the EPA is for?
The EPA is supposed to regulate all of the shit from our cars and power plants so that we can breathe shit-free air.

This has mostly worked in the past, since The Clean Air Act really got going in the 70s.

But recently, this mega-shit became President who appointed another mega-shit head of the EPA and now we are breathing more shit because the mega-shits want to protect oil and gas companies and power plants and the executives who profit from them, instead of our health.

Strange, right?

Isn't it the EPA's job to protect public health and to regulate the shit from cars and power plants?

That's what I thought, too.
That's what's supposed to happen.
But it's not.
Because of the people in charge.

if we don't want to breathe shit, we shouldn't vote for a shit President and shit Governors because those are the people who appoint the head of the EPA and heads of state EPAs, all of which regulate the shit in the air.

The end.