End of Year Gratitude

It's getting to be the most nostalgic time of year. May we be grateful for the land we live on, the climate that allows us to breath, the people who grow the rest of us food to eat, the people who protect people, land, air, water, and the plants and animals that populate this world -- without all of these, we wouldn't be here. Cheers to living and to not being extinct. Yet.

May we say a prayer to all of the critters that we are actively destroying, extinguishing them from this planet for humanity's unquenchable greed. May we say a prayer for all of the people, the millions of people, who are climate change refugees: forced to leave their homes because they can no longer make a living as the climate changes, changing land so drastically, these people have no choice but to leave. Become reliant on the goodwill, or not, of others.

I don't actually pray myself, but at the very least, this season, I'm reflecting upon all of the horror that humans are doing to our home planet. The reflection motivates me to do more, to talk about this brink more, as we are running out of time. What are you reflecting on this season?

End of Year Gratitude 2018