Feeling low on motivation? Try the hot new pill

Feeling low on motivation? Try the hot new pill

Feeling low on motivation to do anything? In a winter exercise slump? Struggling with your relationships? Worried about work? Worried about the state of humanity? Anxious about nuclear war or climate change?
You’ve got to try the cure-all, over the counter, medication that will revolutionize your life.
Get ready for it…

RUN WITH A FRIENDrx-logo-500

Or heck, choose any exercise: biking, climbing, walking, hiking, skiing, tennis, foosball, you name it.
In order for the medication to work you must follow its instructions:

  1. Contact a buddy you like to do chosen activity with.
  2. If that buddy isn’t responsive, contact another one, or try another activity.
  3. Set a time and a place to do activity together.

Result: You will be more stoked on life after completing the activity.

History: this is known as ‘playing’ or ‘getting exercise’ or ‘getting some fresh air’ or ‘girl time’ or ‘dude time’ or ‘friend time’ OR even for those who self-identify as extremely reclusive or hermitlike you can take this medication without a buddy. You do you. Just get the heck outside.
Here are some very professional photographs of the medication at work in my own life in just the past week. My buddy’s name: Abby. It’s just wild how well she/it works!