Four months of Haikus

Four months of Haikus

My summer into fall in a nutshell, err, haiku…
DNF Wallowing

soon enough, remorse

turns to rejuvenation

spun from thick lessons

Ultrarunning (crewing Hardrock)

we’re happy weirdos

running all day, through the night

celebrating Earth


to mask a sore heart

we tire and flail our bodies

embracing blood flow

Summer 2k17 with Guy and Ginna

mountainous summers

moving fast, relentlessly

bypassing slumber

No resting allowed

fast packed, sweaty life

shoved in a duffel, raw friends

are all we’ll recall

Climate Change

it’s cray, we’re melting

yet, we could try and transcend,

be waxing hopefuls

Italian Taper

ciao dolomighties

gateway to steep euro stoke

luring longer stays

CCC Taper


restless legs, a ceaseless mind

let’s start this party

Coming Down from CCC

nonstop, “what is next?”

thrive in thin air and thick noise

simplify, love more

Story of my year

Chinese medicine’s

fifth season: it’s summer heat

passion, pain, chaos

Public Lands

america the

beautiful, yes, but for how

long? it’s nebulous

My Brother is a Boss

done with the Q course

a green beret now, brother

ewic, our hero


on the cusp of change

i hurl myself south, towards warmth

finding quality

Transient Fall

where are the lemons??

im lookin hard, but the ade

is jumping the gun