Hi, my name is Clare. I'm guessing you're here because you know me as a runner.

I began running professionally in 2016 after winning the Leadville 100. Since then, some of the other races I've won include Western States, CCC (UTMB series), and Leadville again.

Aside from running, I also love to read and write. I'm also currently in grad school studying ocean ecosystems and how they're goverened.


Every year I get older (I'm 32), I realize how little I know. But I also realize how fun it is to stay curious. And how much I'm learning about life (mostly running) through trial and error.

In an effort to document this (and because I deleted my socials), I'm now blogging weekly.

I prefer the personal website over other forms of digital media because I have control over this data and I know no one will get addicted to my blog.

In my blog, I write about running, injury, climate change, and other topics. There are lots of old blogs, but my weekly series starts in March 2024.

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Thanks for visiting!