On public lands...

On public lands...

This is the simplest, yet most meaningful form you may ever fill out.

Here’s my comment:

Secretary Zinke,

I’m not sure if you’re aware of your job description. I know Trumpey boy can get a bit confused, too, and he probably wasn’t sure of it when he nominated you in the first place. That’s okay. There are many of us Americans, millions actually, who are here to help you with your job. I know it’s crazy that millions of us with our own jobs are willing to help YOU! But we are! We care about our public lands THAT much. 

It’s part of your job to protect public lands that have multifaceted use, historical significance and ecological significance, not to mention they support the $887 billion outdoor recreation economy. I know you might want to help out some of your oil boys getting rich over private acquisition of some of our public lands, but that’s not part of your job, is it now? I highly recommend a weekend trip outside with your boys, bring your boss along while you’re at it, and maybe you can feel for yourself what it is millions of us Americans are MOST PROUD of in this country. 

Please do your job. 


Clare Gallagher 

Boulder, Colorado