Voting in Colorado

Voting in Colorado

As I research everything on the ginormous ballot for Boulder, Colorado, I've come to rely on trusted sources to do the heavy lifting of research.

  1. If you live in Boulder County or Jefferson County:

The Colorado Voting Guide is a complied list of endorsements made by Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones and Boulder County Commissioner Elise Jones. There's also a similar guide for Jefferson County. These endorsements and ballot positions are in line with the voting guides provided by progressive and environmental organizations. If you're crunched for time to do your own research for every single candidate and issue, these recommendations can be super helpful (assuming you want to vote progressively and for human and environmental health). Thanks to my friend, Ning, for passing this information to me!

  1. If you live anywhere in Colorado, the most important measures for protecting our environment are as follows:

Governor: Jared Polis
Secretary of State: Jena Griswold
State Treasurer: Dave Young
Attorney General: Phil Weiser

YES on AMENDMENT Y AND Z "Y establishes an Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission, consisting of an equal number of members of Democrats, Republicans and Independents, to amend and approve congressional district maps drawn by nonpartisan legislative staff. Z does the same thing for state legislature."

NO on Amendment 74!! "This would have a paralyzing effect on basic decisions local governments routinely make on everything from zoning to public health protections to oil & gas drill permits. A similar but less extreme measure that passed in Oregon resulted in $20 billion worth of claims before voters repealed the measure. That’s why a very broad bipartisan coalition of cities and counties, businesses, environmental groups, labor, teachers, editorial boards and more opposes 74."

NO on Prop 109 "Wouldn’t it be great if you really could get something for nothing? Unfortunately, we can’t, no matter what 109 proponents might say. This measure would authorize $3.5 billion in bonding for highway transportation projects, without identifying revenues to pay them back, which means other programs like education, health care and mental health services, etc. would have to be cut instead. To make it even worse, 109 would provide no monies for transit or local priorities, and almost no funds for projects in Boulder County."

YES on Prop 110 "In contrast to 109, 110 would generate much-needed funding for transportation, via a sales tax increase of about 6 cents on a $10 purchase. Primary funding for transportation, the gas tax, hasn’t been increased in 27 years, which is why there are so many potholes and traffic jams. 110 funds would be divvied up: 40% to cities and counties for local priorities; 15% for multimodal (i.e., transit, bike and pedestrian) projects; and 45% for state projects, like improvements on I-25 and I-70 that would benefit all of us. Nearly $1 billion of 110’s monies would come to Boulder County for projects to improve mobility on the Diagonal, State Highways 7 and 287, and other corridors. Local communities are encouraged to invest in multimodal projects through matching incentives. 110 is supported by a broad coalition of cities, counties, transit advocates, businesses, environmental and labor advocates and more."

YES on Prop 112"This measure would require new oil & gas operations to be at least 2,500 feet from homes, schools, parks and open space, and waterways. Oil & gas development is a dangerous industrial activity that poses significant threats to humans and the environment, from toxic air emissions and spills that contaminate water supplies, to explosions that have killed homeowners and workers. Research has shown that people living closer to oil & gas sites are at higher risk for cancer and other public health concerns. The industry is spending $20 million to convince you otherwise, but the bottom line is that we shouldn’t be fracking in neighborhoods."

Also, check out Conservation Colorado , which provides high-level guidance on these candidates and ballot measures!